The development of Precisetool

2018-07-03 14:56:58 Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. Read

With the rise of the industrial information age and the gradual development of electrical vehicles companies and aerospace enterprise , the demand for all kinds of cable is growing. The crimping way of terminals and wires has become a higher standard of assessment for enterprise to enter into the field of industrialization. 



Welding and crimping are two common way of wire connections. At present, there are a large number of cable types and specifications in the industry market. The traditional welding of cable and terminal has been unable to meet the high-volume and complex wiring harness connection. The crimping, as an effective and reliable electrical connection method features simple processing, long life and reliable performance of wire harness compared with the welding connection. Therefore, it has become one of the most widely used cable and terminal connection method.



Crimping is a process in which terminals are deformed by extrusion so that they are firmly connected to the cable. The amount of deformation should be within a certain range. One the one hand, ensure the contact resistance between the terminal and the cable is as small as possible; on the other hand, ensure the connection between terminals and wires does not exceed its strength limit to cause fracture. Therefore, professional crimping technology and high reliability of crimping tool are required.


Precisetool foresaw the prospects for cold crimping tools based on the market feedback and customer needs. In 2003, The Factory of Precision Tools was established. The main products include crimping and assembly tools of connectors, wind speed sensor, plastic and metal mold, etc.. The products are originally designed and manufactured according to all kinds of military standard (MIL, GJB), national standard (GB) and industry standard. Also, the company supports the design and the development of special products for the special needs of customers. Its four-indent eight-impression crimping tools, as a production focus, provide convenience and high quality with customers, and at the  same time, develop with the company step by step and are gradually knew and used by the public.



 Six years later(In 2009), the original precisetool factory was officially renamed as Jiaxing Jingrui instrument & equipment co., LTD. from a small workshop to a factory of 1,300 square meters. For the consideration of the working environment of the office staff, general manager Yu bought 200 square meters of floor for the staff to work.



For 13 years, we worked hard in the field of cold crimping tools, dedicated to the research and design of connector supporting tools. At present, most of companies in the charging pile and new energy fields use our crimping tool, which is undoubtedly greatest encouragement and affirmation to the company.


And I believe that no matter at present or in the future, cold crimping tools are moving in a better direction. Because they meet the needs of the market for the current trend of industrial development. Our current efforts is a collection of customers' needs. In technology, production, assembly and any other aspects, we always pursue and manage to achieve continuous improvements. Hope that in the coming days, the public can see a more outstanding Precisetool !