The customized service of Precisetool products

2018-07-05 14:35:54 Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. Read

Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of MIL standard crimp tools, which not only produces MIL series four-indent crimp tool,but also provides professional customized service of products. As long as under the permission of technology, Jingrui will provide customized service according to the requirement of customers: 

1. Communicate with a large number of customers or people in the industry directly can understand their needs and get the most valuable information from customers. Conduct differential analysis of customer needs, optimize and allocate limited company resources to complete customized production.

2. Collect a lot of customized data through the Internet, collect market information extensively, and make rapid response to provide customers with the most satisfactory customized services.

3. Give full play to the traditional advertising, the role of the personnel promotion and other promotions to distribute our feedback forms to the customer and get their feedback to improve products and services and meet the personalized needs of different customers.

4. By considering the customization of customers, the convenience of purchasing, minimizing the link, we try our best to deliver customized products to customers as fast as we can.

5. We make production according to the actual orders and requirements of customers to ensure that the products produced are exactly what customers need.

6. We provide terminal tension test , pressure test and tool selection services for customers.

A brief introduction to several customized series crimp tool of Jingrui:

1. GS200-BYD


The GS200-BYD air crimping plier is designed according to the three-impression specifications of customer’s requirements and applied to cold crimping connection between wire and contact in electrical connector.

The model NO.of crimping terminal: TM6.571.1807

Contact: QCL1-6 socket(20#)

Wire range: 24-22AWG

The crimp plier has a four-selector adjusting turntable, which divides the crimping range into four selectors (the initial selector is sel.1: 0.98mm-1.02mm).

Crimped sample:


2. YJQ-801


The crimp tool is an eight-impression crimping plier to crimp the work drum of twist-pin and the wire, which equipped with adjustable positioner HD-C005.


Contact : MB7. 747.5600 pin 

Crimping outer diameter:Φ0.4

Applied wire range:30-32AWG

Crimping selector:sel.1   0.18mm-0.23mm



3. YJQ-W1-01


The crimping tool is on the basis of the crimping tool YJQ - W1 optimization improvement, the crimping plane of tooth profile has a distance of 1.8 mm to the end face, which effectively shortens the distance of contact placed for observation of contact crimping. Its standard wire range is 20 AWG (0.52 mm2) to 32 AWG (0.0316 mm2).




This pneumatic crimp tool is used for cold crimping connection between round contact and round wire. With four-indent crimps at the same time, each plane has 3 crimped spots, which achieves the maximum length (3 mm) of W1Q models crimping pliers and the most complete and reliable crimping state due to its high precision and the increasing output pressure of cylinder.

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