Precisetool Product Manufacturing Processes Fully Upgraded

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For a long time, Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment co., LTD ,has high requirements on the manufacturing processes of the product , constantly increases R&D investment, makes every effort to improve manufacturing processes, improves product quality and performance. The company's four-indent eight-impression hand crimp tool originally used casting material handle. However, since 2011, the company has been working on forging material handles for better precision, beauty and durability. Process improvement is an extremely long process and can‘t be set up within one day, during which survived numerous attempts, countless failure, countless researches and poured countless days and nights into this field. After 5 years of unremitting efforts, the forging process of the crimp handle has been fully mature. Now some of the company's products have changed from original casting material handle to forged material handle. The forging material handle is not only more beautiful and delicate in appearance than the casting handle, but also has higher surface hardness (HV>900) and abrasion resistance than other similar products abroad.


YJQ-W2A Casting version VS Forging version


Casting handle VS Forging handle

Casting and forging are the main processing methods to provide the blank of mechanical parts in the mechanical manufacturing industry. They are good choices in the metal processing


1、What is the difference between Casting and forging ?

Casting is the process of casting liquid metal into the casting cavity which is suitable for the shape of parts, and then cooling and solidifying it to obtain parts or blank. Forging is a kind of pressure of forging machinery for metal blank, make its produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of forging processing method, forging is one of important parts of forging and stamping technology.

2、Compared with casting,what are the advantages of forging ?

Although the casting process and the forging process have their own advantages, the forging process has more obvious advantages.

1. Compared with castings, metal after forging processing can not only get the shape of the mechanical parts, also can remove the metal smelting process of as-cast loose, optimize the structure of microstructure, improve the metal internal organization, improve the mechanical properties and physical properties of metal. The mechanical properties of forgings are generally superior to that of castings of the same material

2. The metal forging process can guarantee the continuity of fibrous tissue, the forging of fibrous tissue and forging appearance consistent, save a complete metal flow, can guarantee the parts with good mechanical properties and long service life with precision die forging, cold extrusion, extrusion temperature and other process of forging, is incomparable by casting.

3. Generally speaking, strong force, high using frequency, high performance requirements of the important mechanical parts, mostly manufactured forging production methods, such as the turbo-generator shaft, rotor, impeller, vane, retaining rings, large hydraulic press stud and high pressure cylinder, rolling mill roll, the internal combustion engine crankshaft, connecting rod, gears, bearings, artillery and other important parts in the defense industry.


Hand crimp tool YJQ-W2J with forging material handle 


Hand crimp tool YJQ-W2A with forging material handle 



Hand crimp tool NPOK-2M with forging material handle 


Hand crimp tool YJQ-W3 with forging material handle 


Hand crimp tool YJQ-W4 with forging material handle

Of course, the improvement of manufacturing process also leads to the corresponding increase in production investment and manufacturing cost. Accordingly, the price of the product will change. However, considering the advantages of the forging material handle and the higher manufacturing cost, it is obvious that the increase is reasonable and beyond the value. Product price adjustment as shown in the figure below.


Price adjustment list of 6 hand tools

Only when the enterprise always exerts the spirit of innovation, it pays attention to the investment into technology research and development, optimizes the manufacturing process of the product constantly, controls the manufacturing cost, and ensures the