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  1. JRready  BM-2 Adjustable Bench Mount
  2. JRready  BM-2 Adjustable Bench Mount

JRready BM-2 Adjustable Bench Mount

1. An adjustable bench mount, suitable for installation and fixing of various types of pneumatic crimping tools;
2. Quick and easy positioning and unlocking, multi-angle rotation, 360-degree adjustment in the horizontal direction;
3. Uses M10 screw to connect with the crimp tool frame, convenient for disassembly and universal installation;
4. Made of aluminum alloy which is more lightweight and portable;
5. The positioning hole is designed to facilitate its own installation and fixing.
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Brand: JRready

Model: BM-2

Name: Adjustable Bench Mount

Internal Number: F1

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Weight (g): 1091

The BM-2 Adjustable Bench Mount is an essential fixed part of the pneumatic crimp tools. It not only connects the pneumatic crimp tools, but also creates a free space work interface. The design is user-friendly and improves production efficiency.

Display of Installation


Horizontal Display of Crimp Tool Installation


Vertical Display of Crimp Tool Installation


Installation Display from Other Angles