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  1. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  2. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  3. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  4. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  5. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  6. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  7. PET Braided Cable Sleeve
  8. PET Braided Cable Sleeve

PET Braided Cable Sleeve

1.Braided with PET material, environmental-friendly and flame-retardant;
2.Good flexibility and heat dissipation;
3.All materials are 100% made of new environmental-friendly materials, meeting food-grade requirements;
4.Automatic cutting with hot cutting machine to avoid spattering.
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Model: ACT-BH0607P & ACT-BH1207PStandard: 
National Standard:
Order Number(Internal Number):
Material: PET
Package: 22.97 feets/roll
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+150℃Melting Temperature: 240℃±10

Product Introduction

PET braided cable sleeve(GJWP) is a high-performance cable sleeve that combines flame retardancy and halogen-free. It is braided from PET and has good flexibility, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance and heat insulation. It can also be braided with different patterns and colors according to customer requirements.It meets the requirements of various industrial fields. Its unique braide structure can be expanded to a size 1.5 times larger than the original size, which is more suitable for wrapping wire harnesses.


PET expandable braided wire sleeve, flame-retardant braided wire loom.


PET braided cable sleeve is widely used in automobile wire harness industry, computer power cord, hose, wire stock and other fields. It has the functions of finishing, protecting, beautifying and wearing resistance to the wire harness.